Data-based technology scouting

We help you see the „big picture“ for any emerging technology field.

Your individual scouting project (starting at 6.000 €)

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Framing the issue in the technology landscape.

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Exploration of surrounding technology areas and identification of relevant technologies.

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Determination of technological maturity level in relation to the topic.

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Identification of possible development directions from a neutral perspective.

Where it helps

Our solution makes it easy to determine the status quo of technologies and current developments on your topic. In the form of interactive technology portfolio, we provide you with solutions from research, startups and industrial companies.

How it works

After analyzing your question, we use Artificial intelligence to collect, compare and aggregate information from different sources. Our consultants create a unified overview and analysis of the technological environment of your company.

Why it is important

A company-specific technology overview serves as an orientation for strategic decisions. It shows points of contact to the existing business and opportunities for further developments.

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